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R&D Infrastructure

On demand, for hire, premium, research, analysis, design, development, testing, assessment and deployment technology engineering infrastructure!

Concept to Launch

On demand, for hire, concept creation, product mapping, designing, building and first launch infrastructure for cloud, big data, mobile and social products!

Reseller Program

Boutique government reseller program for marketing and selling specialized tech products through GSA Advantage!

Biz Dev Program 

Cost effective, value focused, fractional, fixed term, business development program targeting of multiple agences!

Business Advisor

Value focused, part-time, high end, CXO level federal business technology advisor program at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executives.

Retention Audits

Customer experience and retention audits for government agencies and federal contractors to improve end user experience and contract retention.

Alliances & Deals

Nurture deals, collaborations, and partnerships for clients’ focused on enhancing growth and profitability as well as public and business value.

Access to Talent

Helping locate advisers, investors, executives and technical employees to position the private sector client as the winner in the era of scarcity.