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Government IT Contract Wins: An Insider’s Perspective
Former Transportation Department CIO Nitin Pradhan tells IT contractors what they need to do to land government contracts and accelerate revenues and profits.

Creating A Marketplace For Public-Private Innovations
Former US Transportation Department CIO Nitin Pradhan discusses why he established GOVonomy to match government needs with innovative technology startups

5 Habits Of Highly Effective Government IT Leaders
Former Department of Transportation CIO Nitin Pradhan offers lessons for up-and-coming and incoming government IT execs.

Dysfunctional Congress Hurts Government IT
Government IT budgeting was hard enough even before government shutdowns, says this former government CIO. What can be done to combat the dynamic with Congress?

Do We Need A U.S. Department Of Technology
A cabinet-level Dept. of Tech will help U.S. retain leadership position in the global high-technology sector, argues former Department of Transportation CIO Nitin Pradhan.

Q&A: FedRAMP Director Discusses Cloud Security Innovation
Maria Roat, FedRAMP director, speaks with former Transportation Department CIO Nitin Pradhan on the federal government’s approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

Q&A: Silicon Valley Congressman Talks Tech Industry Needs
Silicon Valley Rep. Mike Honda speaks with former Transportation Department CIO Nitin Pradhan on Congress’ role in fostering the U.S. technology market, immigration law and more.





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