Customer Experience and Retention Audits

Target Customers:

Public Private Innovations’ (PPI) Customer Experience and Retention Audits Program is targeted at:

 Federal government contractors whose existing federal contract in a particular agency will be up for renewal and re-compete in the next 1-2 years.
 Government agencies that have awarded a federal contract to a new federal contractor and are interested in assessing the customer impact within 1-2 years after award.

The Need:

CIO’s of a federal agency are acutely aware of the challenges created by today’s tight government budget environment. Agency managers everywhere are being asked to do more with less. As a consequence, agency managers have a strong preference for contractors who have demonstrated their willingness to “step up” and provide exceptional support. Contractors who deliver a great experience can become “trusted partners” and be well positioned to win additional work.

The question is: is your federal contract vulnerable when it comes to the recompete? In PPI’s experience, too many contractors are “shocked” when the government awards “their” contract to a new firm. Yet for many the road to this disaster was straightforward: failure to take care of the client. Lack of attention can cause agency managers to think their business is being taken for granted and to start considering other options. Unfortunately, many contractors realize their mistake only after they lose their contract.

 The Focus:

 To address this issue, PPI’s consortium has developed a “Client Experience and Retention Audit” that is designed to provide actionable insights into contract recompete risks and opportunities and a proactive path towards delivering the kind of client experience that greatly enhances the probability of retention. The Audit seeks timely answers to three main questions that impact the likelihood of contract renewal:

1. How does the client honestly feel about your efforts on the contract so far?

2. How might you improve their experience to earn “trusted partner” status?

3. What specific steps will you take to deliver an exceptional experience prior to the recompete?

Engagement process:

PPI encourages federal government contractors (1-2 years before contract ends) and government agencies (1-2 years after new contract is awarded) to conduct “Customer Experience and Retention Audits.” These audits are fixed fee, fixed term programs that can increase customer experience and improve the standing of the contractor and the government agency.

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