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GOVonomy, with presence in Mill Valley, California and Reston, Virginia serves the annual $200 billion US public sector IT marketplace, which includes federal, state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, K-12 institutions, universities and college systems, non-profits and international organizations based in USA. GOVonomy’s goal is to drive increased public value by regularly introducing cost-effective, cutting-edge, targeted technologies that specifically address the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector. GOVonomy connects public organizations with new technology products and productized services from growth companies and helps arrange strategic discussions, demonstrations and pilots for increased understanding, education, purchasing and integration. GOVonomy also has a boutique reseller program with government schedules and a sophisticated online catalogue of growth company technology products. This program also enables integration of sophisticated emerging technology products in major acquisition programs for government contractors bringing down the cost of delivery of technology while speeding time to market and operations of projects and programs in this era of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) awards!

Target Customers:

Public Private Innovations’ (PPI’s) GOVonomy Product Marketing Service is targeted at following types of customers:

 Private technology products companies interested in developing sales revenues from public sector marketplace.
 SBIR/STTR government grant funded companies having commercial products and interested in revenues from the public sector marketplace.

The Need:

Companies having sophisticated, innovative, emerging, enterprise level commercial products who are interested in securing a foot hold and growing in the $200B public sector technology marketplace need access to specialty government reseller programs that understand the branding, positioning, differentiation, marketing, business development and sales for new product introduction within the federal, state and local governments. However, such specialty expertise in not easily available with big box, commodity, government resellers who normally focus on mass-market products for volume revenue generation. PPI provides this specialized government reseller marketing through GOVonomy.

The Focus:

PPI assists selected product companies to list and market their specialized products on PPI’s consortium driven boutique, public sector focused reseller program as well as works for inclusion of the product on the GSA Advantage schedule (based on GSA approval). For products, which win GSA approval, PPI and its consortium reseller partner, may create a federal marketing campaign in collaboration with the OEM company and execute the same for increased sales. Such campaigns may involve publishing of strategic blogs, creation of white papers, execution of telemarketing and webinars, hosting of demo days and similar marketing and sales activities.

GOVonomy Vendor Portal:

The online GOVonomy vendor portal is where startups and growth companies can proactively showcase their products and productized services on the site for the public sector. Vendors can complete their vendor registration and include the company and product descriptions and upload, crisp short 3-5 minute video presentation and demo as well as brochures on the product(s) at the time of application so GOVonomy can publish the product availability as soon as the reseller agreement is signed.

GOVonomy Buyer Portal:

Government employees and contractors (buyers) can become GOVonomy members for free — to learn about new product technology solutions on GOVonomy. Members can browse the entire catalog, list problems, challenges and opportunities, create wish lists, learn about new products, recommend products, request presentations, demonstrations, or pilots, seek quick quotes, receive special offers as well as get exclusive invitations to GOVonomy’s educational and networking events.

Specialized Services:

PPI also has three specialized programs that complement the GOVonomy Product Marketing Service. These include Advisory Board Services, Capacity and Capability Services and Productization Services.

Engagement Process:

PPI encourages the engagement of the “GOVonomy Product Marketing Service”  by starting with the Advisory Board Service.

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