Government Solutions Repository


Government Solutions Repository is focused on locating, aggregating, packaging and showcasing specialized technology products or productized services targeting the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector including, federal, state and local governments and their stakeholders.  Any government organization, whether it is federal, state or local government, technology supplier or government contractor can currently submit its products or productized services to this catalogue for free using the form below. A separate form submission is required for each product or productized service even from the same organization. For example, a organization having two different products (e.g. e-discovery and data analytic) needs to submit two different forms. 

The Submission

The catalogue submissions can be of three types:

a) Specialized technology or a technology  product focused on the federal government.

b) Productized service (existing, standardized, fully tested, packaged, supported and marketed service as a product).

c) Productizable service (custom service which is technologically scalable  and is proposed / planned to be standardized, tested, packaged, supported and marketed as a productized service  in the near future). 

The idea is to list technology based products or productized services that originally a company has provided to a single customer or a few customers on a custom basis but later turned it into a standard, fully tested, packaged, supported and marketed product.  For example, a company can productize their “Independent Verification and Validation”  expertise by aggregating it into tangible software product and delivering it “Product as a Service” via cloud.  Any idea, process,  prototype, product or an area of expertise can be productized into marketable and scalable products as a service offering.  Public Private Innovations (PPI) is looking for products or productized services that increase public value for citizens, business value for agencies and reduce the cost of operations for the public sector. 

Expected Result

The submission information aggregated from the catalog may be made available to federal, state and local agencies, industry partners in the PPI ecosystem, as well as selected government media and posted on GOVonomy social engagement platform for awareness, understanding and publicity. So please do not include proprietary or confidential information in this Form. The objective of the catalogue is to enable  quick search, location, easy understanding,  and potential integration of the product or productized service into an upcoming or future public sector focused technology driven systems or services. PPI may contact the submitters if there is an interest or inquiry for their submitted product in the catalogue (average time for completion of form is 5 minutes).