Join as an Advisor?

Driving Public Value!


The accelerator is currently seeking “Advisors” who are thought leaders in their fields, are current or retired Senior Executive Services (SES) in federal government or are in similar high level positions in state and local governments, public educational institutions, government contracting or government focused service providers for:

>  Guiding and shaping the vision, strategy and tactics of the Federal Technology Accelerator to maximize public value.

>  Identifying major discontinuities or unnoticed opportunities within government addressable through technology.

>  Providing honest feedback to the  portfolio companies’ for continuing improvement of their government services.

Our “Advisory” model has been designed for working government executives and contractors and is therefore pro-bono by design, with flexible engagements, ability to recuse at will,  with value driven activities for all participants.   Ideally, the accelerator is seeking Advisors who have experience in government mission areas like transportation or housing or functional areas like procurement or grants.  No specific expertise in technology is required.  It is also important to note that Public Private Innovations or its parent company Launch Dream LLC., does not do or plan to do any business with government entities. Individuals completing this form may secure appropriate permissions from their organizations to serve in this position. Please complete the attached form for consideration (average form completion time under 5 minutes).