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Public Private Innovations (PPI) is a service of Launch Dream,  LLC. The goal of PPI is to drive public value through private growth. Public value is the delivery of high quality, results based services that drive citizen satisfaction and builds trust in public enterprises. Private growth is the increased generation of revenue, profits and intrinsic value of portfolio companies. We are a transformative Federal Technology Accelerator and Partner Consortium focused on growing highly competitive federal contractors and technology products suppliers that maximize public value for federal governments and citizens with minimum taxpayer resources. Our company’s executive focused model grows a portfolio of efficient and effective federal contractors, technology products suppliers, as well as complementary technology platforms, products and services to drive public value through private growth. Our guiding principles are based on people first philosophy, entrepreneurship, innovation, agility, and business value.

Addressable Market

Based on the research firm Deltek’s 2012 data, we estimate that the Public Private Innovations target market is $177 billion in the public sector IT marketplace including:

>  The $121 billion federal IT market including the legislative and judicial branches, independent and quasi-governmental agencies and IT within defense and intelligence mission systems.
>  The $56 billion state and local government IT market including state governments, municipalities, townships, public school systems and college systems.

Most of these public sector entities have similar, interrelated, needs, opportunities, challenges and threats that are addressable through effective and efficient productized services, modular products and next-generation platforms that the accelerator intends to adapt/build in partnership with dynamic, innovative, agile and results oriented technology companies and government contractors. 

 Our Champion

Nitin Pradhan
CEO and President

The PPI program is championed by Mr. Nitin Pradhan. Nitin is an award winning, nationally recognized Ex -Departmental Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Mr. Pradhan provided information technology vision, strategy, planning, policy and oversight for DOT’s more than $3.0 billion IT portfolio, the 6th largest in the federal government. Nitin’s focus for the last two decades has been on utilizing technology transformatively, innovatively and strategically to drive significant business and public value:

 20+ years’ experience including 13+ at CXO level in government, startups, and private industry.
 Nationally acknowledged as visionary, business strategist, thought leader, coalition builder, innovator and change agent.
 Focused on driving significant business value with strategic and innovative technology solutions.
 Proficient in establishing the technology group as a valued business partner.
 Experienced in creating a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and results across the business technology ecosystem.
 Knowledge to transform technology organizations’ with a people first and agile philosophy.
 Expert at creating new public-private innovation opportunities through investment funds and accelerators.
 Unique understanding of US federal sector and its nexus with state, local nonprofits, private sector, academia, venture capital and private equity markets.

The CIO magazine honored Nitin Pradhan with CIO 100 award for the innovative approaches to use IT to reduce costs and increase efficiency and public value. ComputerWorld also recently named Nitin to its Computer World Premier 100 life time recognition award where he joins an elite group of top US IT executives. Nitin has been on Information Week’s Government CIO 50: Driving Change in the Public Sector for bringing a business person’s point of view to management of  IT strategy, policy and implementation. Under his able leadership, the DOT Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has also won awards from the White House, Information Week, AFFIRM, and the U.S. General Services Administration for leadership, innovation, open government, governance, service and culture.

Prior to joining DOT, Nitin was an IT Executive at Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), the 12th largest school district in USA with 234 schools and centers, over 166,000 students, 22,000 full-time employees, $2.2 billion in budget, 98,000 computers, 1,000+ applications and 200,000+ users. Nitin promoted digital innovation and technology solutions as an answer to educational challenges and helped transform the FCPS organization into a premier technology integrated educational institution. FCPS’ IT department was ranked in the CIO Magazine’s Top 100 IT Organizations and Computer World’s 100 Best Places to Work in the nation during Nitin’s tenure.

Prior to joining FCPS, Nitin was the Managing Director of Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT). Nitin co-led in the creation and implementation of Virginia’s first industry led Information Technology and Telecommunication’s Strategic Plan in partnership with leading industry and government executives. He helped secure funding and established / expanded multiple centers of excellence in partnership with Virginia universities and  established, championed and grew major online national and international knowledge initiatives. His targeted focus was on creating the capacity and capability for technology based economic development through partnership with universities, entrepreneurs, as well as angel and venture capital funds. Nitin has also been the co-founder and CEO of a wireless startup. Nitin has a BS in engineering and a MBA in marketing from India, as well as a MS in accounting from The American University, in Washington DC.