Frank Prautzsch

About Frank Prautzsch:

Internationally Recognized Business Development and Innovation Technology Leader with significant accomplishments in both the Military and the Private Sector for Fortune 100 and growth companies in a broad swath of industries and sectors —

– High Tech Innovation | Aerospace | Renewable Energy | Emerging & Integrated Technologies | Engineering | Defense | Satellite, Wireless, & Data & Voice Communication Technologies | Space Systems
– A Pioneer and Technical Innovator who stays years ahead of the curve in predicting future technical advances and innovative solutions that improve customers’ lives.
– Reputation for leveraging integrated technologies for the commercialization of high-tech, innovative solutions for the most sophisticated problems.
– A proven record in developing new business, creating new markets, driving revenues and profits, and delivering projects on time and within budget.
– Installed satellite communications for command and control of Army, State Department, Presidential, and Intelligence Operations in solving the most complex and challenging problems.
– Served in command and staff positions in Communications, Engineering and leadership positions, and worked in over 35 countries.
– Led the development of a $10 million RFID hurricane tracking system which saved billions of dollars by deploying RFID technology to significantly improve accuracy of predicting hurricane landfall
– From a $72M R&D investment in 12 new products, increased sales 22%, nearly $150M.
– Key partner in establishment of the Global MILSATCOM Conference which has become one of the world’s largest space conferences, growing to over 600 delegates from over 40 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the Far East.
– Developed a $40 billion, 12-year strategy for the future of Defense Satellite Communications, pulling in over 50 stakeholder organizations and 40 key engineers.
– A motivational Leader who dares other dreamers to dream bigger and achieve things they never thought possible.

Executive and Technology-based Specialties
Acquisitions & Mergers / Budgeting / Forecasting / Commercialization / Communications / Concept Development / Cost Containment & Optimization / Information Technology / Infrastructure Security / Marketing Strategies / Business Development Concepts / Multi-Site Management / New Business Development / Product Design / Profit & Loss / Proposal Development / Six Sigma / Strategic Planning & Analysis / Team Building, Alliances, & Partnerships / Training

Select Career Highlights

Velocity Technology Partners, LLC
• Key Player, working with the INTELSAT General, in development of future use cases for mobile cloud services and UHF Satcom
• Created a successful cyber campaign for Burdeshaw Associates, an international leader in defense consulting to government and industry clients

• Created new revenue streams after developing advanced secure machine-to-machine (M2M) concepts tied to smart phones and microprocessors to support government applications in core and new ORBCOMM business sectors
• Implemented active satellite RFIDs for cost-effective global M2Ms which were tied to next-generation spacecraft (OG2)
• Finalized unique hosted payload options for Generation 2 spacecraft
• Created innovative marketing and business development concepts for various sectors of government which aided in the reorganization of the company

• From a $72 million R&D investment in 12 new products, increased sales by nearly $150 million or 22%, from $610 million to $746 million within two years
• Consolidated six diverse sites with over 700 radio products, and four cost/reporting systems
• Generated new sales of with a personally designed and integrated seminar with demos of advanced technologies for over 20 government and law enforcement agencies and military branches, including, DHS, DoD, LAPD, Coast Guard, the U.S. Intelligence Community, California Fire, US Customs, US Sheriffs, US Marine Corps, and the Mexican, Canadian, and British governments
• Led the development of a $10 million RFID hurricane tracking system which saved billions of dollars for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, which deployed RFID technology to broadcast key weather balloon data 18 hours earlier than previous models to improve accuracy of predicting hurricane landfall by 40%, as well as identify proper evacuation and related procedures
• Developed technical, business use case and business development solutions for Combatant Commands in Iraq and Afghanistan and developing nations within 24 months
• Strengthened renewable energy efforts by integrating seven disruptive companies with disruptive technologies that specialized in algae/carbon recycle, wind turbines, solar, piezo electric, inertia