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Productization is the act of modifying a framework, service, system, existing code or a tool internal to an organization, to make it suitable as a commercial product. By productizing their existing services government contractors can create substantial product revenues in addition to their existing sales revenues to reduce over all company risk by diversification. Unfortunately, most government contractors are not utilizing this methodology because they are not aware of the productization, are hesitant to make systems selection for productization or are unable to productize because of lack of expertise in product development.  Additionally, most contractors have little expertise in marketing technology products nationwide. PPI can assist in all these areas.

There are early indications of the US public sector working with other agencies and external partners are moving towards deployment of sophisticated, scalable, branded productized services. We provide clients advise of which of their existing codes/systems should be productized. Additionally, PPI can provide separately priced specialized end-to-end product development from envisioning the end solutions, prototyping, designing the user experience, creating a solutions roadmap, to building and launching the technology product solution for clients. Once such products are developed and tested, the clients can apply for their inclusion on our sophisticated GOVonomy marketplace for sale to the global public sector.

Specialized Programs:

We also have two highly specialized programs that complement the Productization service that can be mixed and matched by clients based on their needs, challenges and opportunities. These include:

Concept to Launch Program: PPI consortium can collaborate with our clients to create custom products, systems or solutions. Our consortium partners can offer end-to-end services from envisioning the end solution, prototyping, designing the user experience, creating a solution roadmap, to building and launching the solution. In such engagements we can bring to bear a single multi-skilled team that has strong user design, technology and business skills.

GOVonomy Emerging Technology Marketplace: GOVonomy, with presence in Mill Valley, California and Reston, Virginia serves the annual $200 billion US public sector IT marketplace, which includes federal, state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, K-12 institutions, universities and college systems, non-profits and international organizations based in USA. GOVonomy’s goal is to drive increased public value by regularly introducing cost-effective, cutting-edge, targeted technologies that specifically address the challenges and opportunities facing the public sector. GOVonomy connects public organizations with new technology products and productized services from growth companies and helps arrange strategic discussions, demonstrations and pilots for increased understanding, education, purchasing and integration. GOVonomy also has a boutique reseller program with government schedules and a sophisticated online catalogue of growth company technology products.

Technical Staff Augmentation Program: PPI consortium can provide technical staff augmentation to bring in a specific skill set currently unavailable in house, to supplement permanent staff during peak periods or to create a dedicated team built around a specific technology, product or function as required by clients. Technical staff augmentation allows you and your company to better manage for needs and changes in your environment whether they be project based, medical leave, unexpected turn-over of your employees or others.

Engagement Process:

PPI’s customers can access the “Productization Service” via the Advisory Board Service or fixed fee contracts.

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