Capacity and Capability


This program provides immediate access to high-end research, analysis, design, development, prototyping, testing, engineering, operations and troubleshooting expertise at a fraction of the cost of maintaining such expertise in house.  This program has access to a large number of Ph.Ds.’ and technology engineers with knowledge of the federal technology marketplace, a nationwide footprint with multidisciplinary technology experience and advanced labs and engineering facilities and centers. Many of today’s large technology projects are highly complex and require advance skill sets and engineering facilities keeping them out of reach of most mid size technology suppliers and systems integrators. This program can be a subcontractor to such organizations on large or small, highly complex government or commercial advanced technology development / acquisitions bringing the much needed depth to companies to win large contracts or build or test sophisticated products.

Target Customers:

Public Private Innovations’ (PPIs’) Capacity and Capability building service is targeted at following types of customers:

 Technology service providers focused on competing for complex / large mission related acquisitions in federal or private sector.
 Phase I SBIR/STTR federal grant funded startups planning to architect, design, develop, prototype and test products.
 Series A funded or later stage startups focused on developing or improving complex platform, products or productized services.
 Existing commercial or federal technology suppliers facing mission related technology challenges requiring solutions.

The Need:

The $121B federal technology marketplace is made up of mission, mission support and infrastructure related projects. Many of these projects are highly complex and require advance skillsets and engineering facilities keeping them out of reach of most small or mid size technology suppliers and systems integrators. PPI’s Capacity and Capability building service provides access to such high-end research, design, development, prototyping, testing, engineering, operations and troubleshooting expertise at a fraction of the cost of maintaining such expertise in house — on demand!

 The Program Focus:

PPI’s consortium driven Capacity and Capability service can act as the Client’s specialized contractor for specialty technology engineering work including:

➢ Electronics and Sensors:  Micro-Electronics, Power Systems, Sensor Engineering, Optical Sensors and Radar Systems.
➢ Computers and Software: Computer Technology, Information Science, Software Engineering, Software Verification, Software Acquisition, Ground Systems, and Operations Engineering.
➢ Communications and Networking: Communications Architectures, Network Systems, Communication Systems Engineering, Spectrum Management, Digital Communication Implementation, Communication Electronics and Antenna Systems.
➢ Vehicle Systems: Guidance/Control, Real-Time Simulation, Flight/Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Control, Structural/Dynamics Analysis, Test and Evaluation and Risk Management.
➢ Systems Engineering: System Architecture, Modeling Simulation, Mission Performance, Concept Design, Cost Engineering, Resource Allocation, Operability Assessment and Reliability and Failure Analysis.
➢ Physical Sciences Laboratories: Electronics and Photonics, Mechanics, Materials, Space Environment, Mission Oriented Research, Special Sensor Fabrication, Remote Sensing Signature and Micro-Electronics.

Engineering Expertise and Facilities

PPI’s consortium has access to high end, premium architecture, research, design, development, prototyping, testing and troubleshooting expertise with a national footprint, and over 800 Ph.D. in expertise in the above-mentioned functional areas and access to facilities and centers in the following specialities:

Communications, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Parallel Processing, Computer-Aided Engineering, Digital Image Processing, Signal Analysis, Data Reduction, Real-time Simulation, Meteorological Satellite Control, Dynamics and Control, Microelectronics, Antenna Range, Communications Devices Diagnostic, Components Evaluation, Real Time X-ray, Radiation Effects, Space Environmental Effects, Vacuum Test Chambers, Laser Effects Test, Pulsed Electron Accelerator Laser, Arc Jet and Electric Propulsion, Materials and Processes, Material Analysis, Nondestructive Evaluation, Thin Film, Polymer Characterization, Photovoltaic, Battery Evaluation, Vehicles Design, Electro-optics and many more similar facilities. 

Specialized Programs:

We also have two highly specialized programs that complement the Capacity and Capability service that can be mixed and matched by clients based on their needs, challenges and opportunities. These include:

 Concept to Launch Program: PPI consortium can collaborate with our clients to create custom products, systems or solutions. Our consortium partners can offer end-to-end services from envisioning the end solution, prototyping, designing the user experience, creating a solution’s roadmap, to building and launching the solution. In such engagements we can bring to bear a single multi-skilled team that has strong user design, technology and business skills.

  Technical Staff Augmentation Program:PPI consortium can provide technical staff augmentation to bring in a specific skill set currently unavailable in house, to supplement permanent staff during peak periods or to create a dedicated team built around a specific technology, product or function as required by clients. Technical staff augmentation allows you and your company to better manage for needs and changes in your environment whether they be project based, medical leave, unexpected turn-over of your employees or others.

Engagement Process:

PPI’s customers can access the “Capacity and Capability Building Service” via the Advisory Board fixed fee or time and material contracts.

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